Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Lights Time!

Last night we traxed up to Temple Square to look at the lights. We took trax because last year's parking debacle was enough to convince us never again. This year, seeing all the traffic cops and bumper to bumper stress streets, I regret not one penny of the ticket costs.

As always, it was incredibly beautiful.

And the boys were adorable. Of course.

We dodged into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to look at their tree. It was a gorgeously done in pearl pink, champagne, and gold, but like many other Christmas trees, it was rather overloaded with ornaments (damn you fashion!). There were so many bobbles on that thing, you had to squint to see even a speck evergreen.

Gazing at it, Adam said (in his completely dead-pan joking voice), "There is a pile of ornaments desperately looking for a tree."

Being human, warm blooded, and susceptible to the cold, I went for the classic hot tea, but the boys (all obviously aliens for some strange planet) decided they'd rather have soda than hot cocoa.

So we walked over to the Gateway Mall to  visit Rocket Fizz soda shop--a beautiful little treasure of a store! It sells all kinds of gourmet bottled soda. The boys thoroughly enjoyed not being able to decide among the hundreds of choices.

The votes came out, and Virgil's Dr. Better (a supposedly better version of Dr. Pepper) was the clear winner for the night.

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