Saturday, November 28, 2015

Disneyland 2015

We did Disneyland over Thanksgiving week this year. It was a BLAST! Four days of feet weary-ing fun!

I am absolutely sure that, no matter how much I love hiking and camping, Disneyland will always be the best vacation. I am a ride junkie. Can't get enough. Wanted to go back before we even left.

Our first stop was California Adventure. And V and Z both adored California Rapids--you know, the ride where Mommy and Grandpa got completely drenched? In late November! I'd complain more, but it was still 85 degrees, despite the non-stop Christmas carols everywhere.

(Before we left, one of my friends on facebook posted a meme that said that every time you played a Christmas song before Thanksgiving, an elf drowned a baby reindeer. I thought of that every single day, and...I'm ashamed to admit, I smiled evily. It was a whole-sale baby-deer slaughter-fest.)

We did manage to get them on most of the roller-coasters too! My brave little punks. No real trick. We used shameless bribery. V got money. Z got Subway sandwiches. They liked most of them, but Splash Mountain was voted "most intense." They still need to do the California Screamer, but we'll have to go back when they're older.

Yes. That's why we're going back. For them.


Anyway! Pictures!

V and Z with the the darling Mickey and Minnie.

Loved Corroborator Springs, and getting to see two of our favorite heroes.

Originally we planned on going alone as a family, but Grandma and Grandpa Dilts wanted IN ON THAT FUN. And they were a delight to have along. Also, my Mom was right--as she has the terrible tendency to be--about the fact that taking a nap after lunch really, really helps you to enjoy the evening.

Speaking of evening fun, we made especially sure that we took one day out to watch the fireworks, and one evening out to watch the Disney Electric Light Parade. They were both magnificent. And the music for the light parade was rockin'. It was so good that V and Z were rocking out on the sidewalk, where they sat. They did such a good job, they got this adorable little 1 year old girl right next to them to join in the party.

 Found out we have relatives that own property in Disneyland. That was exciting.

Professor Goff is into tattoos and the banjo, and that sounds like a true Goff to me.

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