Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Believe in Indoctrinating Them Young

Me: So you see Val? I can call Daddy sexy because I'm married to him. Are you married to anyone?
Val: Nooo.
Me: Yeah. So you probably shouldn't call anyone sexy. Okay?
Val: Okay. I guess. But Mommy, how can I get married? You and Daddy got married, but I don't know how to get married.
Me: *Pause* Welllll, first you have to get a lot older. You need to be like 20. Or 24. Then you have to find a girl you like and she likes you. Then, if Mommy likes her, you can marry her.
Val: Oh. So I can marry her if you like her. You have to like her.
Me: Absolutely. That's very very important.
Val: Okay.
Me: Don't forget it.
Val: I won't.

P.S. I never thought I would have to teach my 6 year old when it was and wasn't appropriate to call someone sexy. It boggles my mind the kind of stuff kids pick up.

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T.L. Burg said...

bahahahaha how intriguing