Sunday, July 5, 2009

Steiner Bound

Camp Steiner

Yesterday, we went up to go hiking. We missed the turn off for Crystal Lake Loop (shucks) and went up to Steiner instead.

I missed the place.

We missed Rob too, who is about the only guy left there who might possibly vouch for us. He went down on the "staff bus." Now that sounds like a good idea. Instead of saying "hi" we just had a quiet lunch down by the lake.

Zane Finds Rocks to Throw

Bug was delighted with the plethora of STUFF. He kept picking up sticks and rocks and dropping them in favor of the new one he saw.

I kept trying to get him to look at the camera . . .

Zane Exploring Canoe

. . . then Daddy rattled the wrapper of a Powerbar. It's hard to tell Powerbar and Snickers bar apart when you're going by wrapper-crinkle.

Valor by Scout Lake

Val was happy to pose!

My Boys By Scout Lake 2

Bug--not so much.

My Boys By Scout Lake

But we can get him every now and then.

Unaware Husband

I tried to get Adam looking all natural, but I never have much luck with covert photography. Usually they look blurry, or I get Val picking his nose.

Manly Husband

So I had him pose again. I love it. 5 years of marriage, and I still can't get enough of this man. Right up until I'm ticked. Then I tell him I've had enough--but I guess that just means my cup runneth over.

And you know, they say a man never changes . . .

Adam Wierd 01
(Halloween '00)

I think . . .

Adam Shark 01
(Steiner '01)

. . . they may have a valid point.

Marry what you like ladies. Marry what you like.

And (btw) I love my hauraches

Hauraches? Bad Idea

but they have their limit. 10,000 feet is about that limit. Ankle deep mud. Large rocks. Small rocks. And then this:

Rescuing Bug from Snow

Yes, a mid-snow bank rescue. Z didn't realize it was cold until he fell, and touched it with his hands. Then he wouldn't move. Just stood there screaming.

Anyways, the hauraches didn't survive.

Dead Hauraches

But they looked like they had a fun life, didn't they?

Heading Back

We headed home shortly after the snow-bank incident. Fun was had all around.

Alright--one last camera-hog shot:

Val on Rock

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