Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Photo Op

There was cute this morning. Man, with my kids, there is always cute. I tried to get in on camera, because . . . well . . . I hear rumor cute will not last, and I'd like something to remember it by.

Yeah, okay. Kinda cute. But man! Is it ever hard to shoot indoors! And I never remember to bring my camera to the park.

But the camera is only half the problem. The other half is the fact that Bug will occasionally zone off in the middle of cute, and then all I get is a whole lotta blank stare photos. And getting him to smile is rough. You know?

Wait! There! There's a smile! Shame it turned out fuzzy. I need to figure out how to take clear shots. I really do.

This setting might help . . . yes! It's crisp! It's clear! And he has no intention of smiling for the camera again.


So I decide to try the "sports setting." It takes shots rapidly and was intended for people in motion. I think it was actually made for mothers of toddlers. I really do.

So I took my three shots in rapid succession. I couldn't have asked for a clearer shot. . .

of Val being a total nut. Not something that's be posted around the web as world's greatest photo.

But I must admit it's more true to life.