Friday, April 17, 2009

Remember the Alamo!

So, does anyone know why we call the contraptions of cardboard and blankets forts? Does that hark back to when kids used to play Cowboys and Indians? Does anybody play that anymore?

Probably not. Mine don't know what and Indian is yet. Or a Cowboy for that matter.

Why a fort? Why not a house? Or a shelter? It could be like Swiss Siblings Robinson (a little small for a whole family).

But most importantly, does anyone know how to keep the marauding 2 year old from knocking it down?

Or the 4 year old from the camera?

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Anonymous said...

Most of us have been in a volcano or seen "hot lava" but I remember lots of kids joking around in tree forts or climbing trees, saying "don't touch the ground - it's hot lava!"