Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Old Pics

I took a picture today because I just had to brag about how cool my stockings turned out.

Cool . . .stockings . . .yeah. I'm cool.

Anyways, I happened to find a ton of old photos I had completely forgotten about. I share some of them with you now.

This here be my Bug. Ain't he cute. We'll get a close up of his mouth in a minute.

There I go, being all cool again. (Close up of his mouth?!? I'm so hip.)

He's way too cute and just getting into trouble each moment. Love him. Love his long arms. Love how they can reach absolutely anything I don't want him to get into. But he's all calm and thoughtful as he does it.

However, his brother . . .

He's the diabolical type.

Together they are the unstoppable duo of keeping-Mommy-fast-on-her-toes.

But not fast enough. I think that was aquamarine. Rats. Ah, well. Crayola is a part of every un-balanced toddler's diet.

I discovered that Val had been at his "art" again. Taking portraits of his favorite subject--his new Lovey.

Aaaaand . . . here's the bottom half.

Ah! But this is what I wanted you all too see. I made them myself, at least of all the top sewing and embroidery. My amazing, wonderful, just-to-die-for Mother (who owns a sewing machine) put them together for me at the very last moment.

I'm just tickled absolutely pink that they turned out not just well, but exactly like I saw them in my head! It gives me a thrill to know I managed that. If I'm not too careful, I'm going to have to start making more things with my hands. I like it when brain-work shows up in reality.

(They are pretty cool. Aren't they?)