Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello Red

So, if you thought that weaning the binki was bad--we lost Lovey. We lost him bad. Poor Val. I tell him he can take only two toys this time, and he wants the plane and Kiki DVD. Why should he worry? Lovely is safely by my desk, and he's never run away before . . .

He was gone. Adam and I have hunted the whole house, and then the unfortunate proposal--he had thrown out two Mountain Dew boxes that day, and Zane likes to cram things in boxes.

"They weren't too heavy. But . . ."

And in that "but" the full horror of our situation hit us.

We both felt so guilty and sad about it (Did we throw away his best friend and comfort?), that we decided to try and replace it if we could. We told Valor honestly what was going on, because no one in the world could mistake a new Lovey for that old misbegotten filthy rag we all came to love. He seemed okay with the idea. New Lovely? No problem.

Except that toy is dang hard to find.

Adam went to three or four places to try his hand, without any luck. Valor went with him last night, and when it became obvious our chances of finding a Lovey were slim, he thought maybe Val could pick out a new toy.

And pick he did.

Stole it right off the shelf, draped it over his shoulders, and jumped way up to snatch its tail when Daddy replaced it on an out-of-reach shelf. He wanted that toy.

And I was warned . . . but I was not prepared.
Hello, Red. . .

"Well, what do you think?"
"That is not a snake. It's an anaconda! Honey!"
"He loves it."
"Issa my snake Mommy!"

That's what I get for reading him The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash.


Andy said...

that my frinds .... is AWSOMENESS

Julia (AKA: Jewels) said...

Ki, I love it! Maybe due to it's color and size it won't be so easy to loose or leave behind.