Friday, May 16, 2008

The Turtles Are Coming! Quick! Walk!

"Mommy. Mommy. Show done."
"Do you want to watch another one?"
He looked at me with these big beautiful brown eyes. He looked so sad for me. "Donworrymommy."
"There, there are no turdles--there are no turtles after you. You be okay."
I stare at him with blank eyes.
"You be okay. Don't worry Mommy."
Where does this kid come from? Turtles? I put on my most concerned face, "Val, are you sure?"
"Yes Mommy. I look out for you."
I reach out and hug him. "Good. Thank you. I feel so safe."
"Okay Mommy. Okay."


Anonymous said...

What show was he watching. This sounds interesting.

Andy said...

Was he watching something with turtles?

Nathaniel (Fifth TMNT) said...

TMNT should be feared...especially by the mistress of the Foot clan...

Ki said...

He was watching Treasure Planet. Good show. No turtles. I didn't think he knew what a trutle was.

Z & P said...

LOL!!! at least he is not terrified of the rumor weed like my dds are LOl!!!