Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ah, Toddlers.

Valor sat there for a moment staring at the fire-hydrant. His look was intense and his brow was furrowed. Apparently it wasn't enough. He got up and stood over it. He squatted down and got his nose as close as he could without touching it. He sat down again.

He slowly, slowly reached out his hand to barely touch it. He yanked his hand back looking bemused. He touched it again. Then he put both hands on it, and felt it all over.

He sighed, and walked over to me where I was bemusedly watching his performance.

"Mommy, issnot a fire-hydrant."
"Valor, it is a fire-hydrant."
"Issnot! There's no fire!"

Well, there you go!


Andy said...

I would hate to be the firefighter if that were the case.

Cherie Logan said...

Rinda, That is among the most adorable observations I've heard in 52 years!