Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He's Learning

This is Bug.

Bug has stolen his brother's yogurt bowl, and is carefully experimenting with spoons. He's never actually tried to use spoons before, but he seems to get the basic idea.

But not terrifically well. Poor kid. I wonder when his lazy mother is going to get up and stop this mess from becoming a real problem.

Later maybe, but me and the Bug happen to be dealing with the first bits of a cold. Sniffle. I guess we'll just have to watch TV all day. Rats.


Andy said...

Awwww.... Pooor Kiiiii..... ;D

Nina said...

He's so darling. Great pics!

Kyrie said...

Zane is adorable and I hope that both of you feel better soon.

Paola Garrison said...

He is adorable at least he tries my Ana refuses to use a spoon and throws the biggest tantrums when I or Zack try to feed her.