Friday, February 1, 2008


Val can give high-fives. (Zane can too, actually, but he loves the attention so much he gets carried away and we end up with a two person clapping session) He also knows how to do "knuckles" and "fingers" (that where you wiggle all of your fingers-- not wave one. Geez what kind of parent do you think I am?). You know, he's cool. A child from a real Gen-Xer.

I'm trying to teach him to to devils. You know:

But...lets face it-- at 3 coordination is lacking. I'm bad enough, I just like to watch him stare at his fingers with his tongue sticking out wiggling his index. It makes me giggle.

"Come on Val. Devils! You just hold out these two fingers. Yeah, see me two little horns? You make two little horns."

This is what he came up with:

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Anonymous said...

I just read Donna's note about Zane. He's in my thoughts and prayers along with you and the rest of your family.