Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Is Why Picture Posts Are Rare

This is Zane's sandwich. You'll please to note the carefully cut pieces. Sure he can handle a whole sandwich (or two) but there's a reason we do this.

Namely this;

This is Disgusting-Bug. He can cram an entire sandwich into his mouth at once. He can't chew after that, but that's a minor detail. So to squash his enthusiasm we only give it to him a piece at a time.

Then we have to watch like a hawk to make sure that Val doesn't try to give Zane the rest of it. He may be full to the gills with food in both fists, but if we dare touch food on his tray he will SCREAM. Of course it is muffled by the food, but it's still distressing.

Speak of Satan...

Hey Val! Can I take your picture? No. Please? Are you sure? Alright.

Back to Bug.

And he makes more than enough mess with just one piece. Trust me.

If you note the bulging cheeks; it's because his brother was PBJ smuggling.

AHH! Gosh!

What was that? Oh, you don't know either...

I don't mind the stuffing his face to the choking point. Not so much. There's something much worse.

Crap! UFO!

UFSpoon. Sigh. Valor, if you won't let me take a picture of you then will you please stay out of the shots?

Arrrrrrgh, me mommy! I been thinkin' about that-- ya hear!
So now I can take your picture?
Great. Smile big!

Sigh. Close enough.
Now the major problem with Bug's style of consumption...

What are you looking at?

Pay no attention to the rapscallion crawling away. Come on Zane, focus with me: one more close up.

Yeah. The real problem is that he won't chew and swallow. So it sits there in his mouth being slowly digested by copious amounts of drool, and it oozes. YUCK!

I know you can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink; but do you suppose that there might be a way to force a child to chew and swallow?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Valor's Prayer

My husband asked Valor who was going to say the "good night" prayer-- the one right before bed. They tyke gustily volunteered and wowed us.

"Heavenly Father-- bless the food, bless the potato chips, and bless Totoro. Thanks. In Jesus name, amen."

"You're amazing Buddy." My husband said.
"Yes." Val said.