Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Conversations on the Home Front -- Mydol

Adam: I see all these guys walking in with their tripe tall lattes. Dang man.
Me: If you really want a buzz you should try taking some Mydol and then drinking a caffinated soda.
Tom: You won't have any cramps either.
Me: Or bloating.
Syhalla: I love the man who invented Mydol.
Adam: Most women do.
Me: Was it a man who invented it? It probably was a man.
Andrew: Yeah, probably some guy who was sick and tired of his head being ripped off and being told to fetch pints of ice cream.
Me: Pints of ice cream? You get ice cream?
Heather: Andrew, do you get pints when you have PMS?
Andrew (rolling eyes): Yes, I get pints of ice cream every time I have PMS.

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