Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Conversations on the Home Front -- Mydol

Adam: I see all these guys walking in with their tripe tall lattes. Dang man.
Me: If you really want a buzz you should try taking some Mydol and then drinking a caffinated soda.
Tom: You won't have any cramps either.
Me: Or bloating.
Syhalla: I love the man who invented Mydol.
Adam: Most women do.
Me: Was it a man who invented it? It probably was a man.
Andrew: Yeah, probably some guy who was sick and tired of his head being ripped off and being told to fetch pints of ice cream.
Me: Pints of ice cream? You get ice cream?
Heather: Andrew, do you get pints when you have PMS?
Andrew (rolling eyes): Yes, I get pints of ice cream every time I have PMS.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Conversations on the Home Front #4

Me: Good morning Sunshine!
Valor: (giggle) Dah!
Me: Mmmmmmmmwah!
Valor: (looks confused)...
Adam: Mommy just blew you a kiss! She loves you. Can you blow Mommy a kiss?
Val: Mmmmmmwah! (giggle)
Me: Yea! Yea!
Adam: You blew Mommy a kiss and made her very happy.
(I turn to go upstairs and run right into Large-Hard to Miss- Chair. Tangle self in chair.)
Adam: And then she promptly dies on a chair.
Val: (giggles)
Adam: (turning away with indifference) Oh well. At least she died happy.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Conversations With a Two-Year Old #6

My husband overheard:

"Hey! Where are your ears? Where are your ears?"
"Good! Where is your mouth?"
"That's right!"
"Where is your nose?"
"Very good! Where is MY nose?"
"That's your nose, where is MY nose?"
"No. That's your eye. Can you point to MY eye?"
"Son, get your finger out of my nose."